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Christmas in Our Town - Book

Uncle Kelly's 2nd Little Book of Wisdom.

*Letters from the Front*

A Remembrance Day Show From the War Letters of Gladstone Residents, Jack and James McAskill.  Toured different schools in November 2018 as well as the Legion Veteran's Banquet. 

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Comedic and dramatic productions for all ages. No joke.

Marilyn's Meditations

Helped a friend get her book published. 

Visit her here:

Interview With Jeff Constant on Videos Page.

Kelvin interviews former gang member about drugs and gangs. 

Beauty in a Scorched Land.

Pictures and short stories about Africa 

by Charlene Constant, Janice Constant and Kelvin Bueckert. 

Our Town, Austin

Received an outstanding community achievement award from the Province of Manitoba as part of the Austin 150th Anniversary Celebrations.