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The Thing Bout Worrin.

A dramatic monologue based in the experiences of a Gladstone area settler.



Comedic and dramatic productions for all ages. No joke.


Available Now! Kelvinism.

A Curious Compendium of Forward Thinking for a World Going Backward.

Available Now! Conversations After Midnight.

A collection of poems reflecting on the human condition. 

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Manitoba 150. 

Manitoba 150. June 12. 7:30 p.m. Our Manitoba presented by The Mobile Stage Co.. June 13. Family Carnival presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. June 14. Afternoon: Antique Car Show. Plus special guests: Gerald Nikkelissen, The Zacharias, Fender Hill. Evening: Sharpe Sisters followed by Nashville recording artist, Tommy Brandt and his band who will play a selection of Tommy's 18 number one hits. FREE SHOW presented by The Mobile Stage Co. Y'all come down y'hear!

Marilyn's Meditations.

Helped a friend get her book published. 

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Our Town, Austin!

Received an outstanding community achievement award from the Province of Manitoba as part of the Austin 150th Anniversary Celebrations. 

The Mobile Stage Co. 

(A collection of posts from my blog.)
-Humorous Fiction.
-Personal Essays.
-Thoughtful Poetry. 

 *Stories from Our Town is a collection of my historical works. 
-The Thing Bout Worrin
-Our Town, Gladstone
-Rumors of Christmas
-Letters From the Front
-Our Town, Austin
-The Great Gladstone Oil Strike!
-Four Seasons

A Look Back at Doc's Holiday