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Memories of Dwayne is a completely reworked version of The Twin Nature. Check it out above...also, released a new version of Technicolor dreams...look below for info on that. Radio...includes some alternate mixes unearthed from the archives...first up on that playlist as a remix of the Chemical Brothers Grammy nominated song Galvanize...a heavy version of the Russian pop group TATU...that mix is remarkable in the fact that originally it was a completely Britney Spears type pop song...and it was turned into an experimental arena anthem solely by adding fx and whatnot in the mixing process...after that there's an industrial track written for a video game and so on...for those who care, they are audio memories from when I was much more heavily involved in the music was was it was...

Feed the Hungry
Have fun. Check out this cool site. You can play a word game and for every correct answer you donate food to the hungry.

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The Beauty of Beginning Again

Deep within the suffocating mist of what used to be all the sin and sorrow of the past you can still see the faint flicker of a candle a lonely beacon on a distant hill and as you boldly forsake the night you always knew as you stumble along the rocky path straining fighting toward… Continue reading The Beauty of Beginning Again

The Joy of Stupidity

Ah, the joy of stupidity…really, there is much I could say about this subject but in the interest of time I will only cover the three major advantages of stupidity. 1. VALUABLE OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN. As you continually face the consequences of your foolish actions, you will be rewarded with many valuable learning opportunities that… Continue reading The Joy of Stupidity

The Latest Rumors About the Rumor Mill…

The Rumor Mill was full of it. Specifically, it was full of sophisticated people working hard in the industry of gossip. Yet, the story was passed down from the barber’s first cousin, who had got it directly from his mother in law, that the racket inside the mill was deafening. Word had it that a… Continue reading The Latest Rumors About the Rumor Mill…

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